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Top 11 Disney Halloween Gift Ideas For Your Terrors!

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When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls you soon realise your kids or partner has the halloween bug! So what better way to make their halloweens the most memorable haunted and spooky time ever than to find yourself a ghoolish Disney gift with our top 11 Disney halloween gift ideas!

Wether you’re able to visit the parks soon or not we have your back to get you in a chilling mood here at Character Signatures!… So I welcome you, foolish mortals! Here is your most spooky guide to the best Disney Halloween Amazon bargins available!

1. Halloween Headbands! (Cat Ear Hair, Orange Mickey Pumpkin Bat, Jack White Skull, Haunted Grogu – Baby Yoda, Minnie Candy Corn, Haunted Mansion – Leota/Glow in the dark headbands!)

What better way to prep yourself for the haunted season than to be wearing your own stylish headbands, this four pack would be perfect for a family of four or great to mix and match and wear a different one every day!

Mickey mouse Halloween ears headband
Mickey mouse ghost ears headband
Grog Halloween Ears Headband
Nightmare before christmas Jack Ears Headband
Minnie Mouse Candy Corn
Haunted Mansion Madame Leota
Haunted Mansion Ears Headband

2. Spirit Jersey’s (Maleficent, Oogie Boogie)

Halloween or not Disney fashion will always be in style, if you’ve never owned a spirit jersey before imagine this, one of the most comfortable items of clothing one can ever wear and if your not one for going out, use them as PJ’s! While there are many different varieties of Disney spirit jerseys that you can buy and most are simply the best quality and will last you for a long time, here are some top picks that you can grab not just for the special occasion of halloween but for all year round, Pickup one of these come show off your style in the parks!

Oogie Boogie Spirit Jersey
Oogie Boogie Spirit Jersey
Maleficent Spirit Jersey
Maleficent Spirit Jersey

3. Spooky Halloween Hoodies

As the sunshine disappears the darkness of halloween arises! Ready to show off some custom hoodie designs? These will get people begging to know where you them from! Here are some of our best halloween themed hoodies picks but as you can tell most are Nightmare Before Christmas related though!

Jack Hoodie 1
Hocus Pocus Hoodie
Nightmare Hoodie 1
Oogie Boogie Hoodie

4. Plushes for all! (Hitch Hiking Ghost, Nightmare Before Christmas, Coco, Mickey)

You don’t have to be a Disney child to enjoy these plushes, we can be Disney adults too! These selections would make a fantastic gift for child and adults alike, either for cuddling at home or for taking them on a spooky Disney vacation!

Haunted Mansion Plush
Oogie Boogie Plush
Mickey Mouse Halloween

5. Backpacks! (Haunted Mansion, Maleficent, Coco, Nightmare Before Christmas)

One thing you should ALWAYS take with you to the Disney parks is a backpack with all your essential belongings, keeping them safe at all times and no matter the weather these stylish spooky backpacks will protect your items!

Haunted Mansion Backpack
Maleficent Dragon Backpack
Nightmare Before Christmas Backpack
Coco Backpack
Mickey Mouse Boo

6. Cosplay/Dress-up (Coco, Nightmare Before Christmas, Little Mermaid)

The biggest part of halloween is about dressing up/cosplay! Check out some of these awesome outfit ready to outshine at the party! Do be careful when entering Disney with a costume however because there are rules regarding costumes that sometimes apply!

Disney Little Mermaid Ursula Costume
Coco Hector
Coco Mama Imelda Costume
Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Sally

7. Bags for Trick o’ Treating

When visiting not only the parks but trick o’ treating during the halloween period you better be sure you’ve got a quick grab n go bag thats big enough and durable enough to store the huge amount of sweets and treats you’ll be getting! Here are some of our top picks for storing all those yummy

Disney Halloween Trick o Treat Pumpkin
Disney Halloween Trick o Treat Bag
Disney Halloween Trick o Treat Bag
Disney Halloween Coco Trick o Treat Bag

8. Decorate the garden

When the sun goes down, the glowsticks come out… along with your credit card. And the markup on these little beauties would make your head spin more than a Mad Tea Party! Alas, they are an irresistible staple of any nighttime park activity. Lucky for you, Amazon is littered with vibrant options that will keep your bills where they belong! So, be sure to bring your glow to-go!

Disney Haunted Mansion Garden Inflatable
Mickey and Pluto Mouse Garden Inflatable
Disney Headless Horseman Garden Inflatable
Oogie Boogie Garden Inflatable
Toy Story Buzz Garden Inflatable
Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Garden Decoration
Mickey and Minnie Mouse Garden Inflatable

9. Halloween Toys

Whether it be pool toys or plush characters… you’re better off bringing some classics curios along with you. Who knows, they just may stave off that impulse buy or shelling out a small fortune.

Disney Halloween Toys - Aliens - Toy Story
Halloween Toys 2
Disney Halloween Toys - Haunted Mansion
Halloween Toys Kids
Halloween Toys
Disney Halloween Toys - Coco

10. Candle Warmers/Holders and Wax

Everyone knows that Disney has a specific smell, from just being in the parks to the smell of each individual ride, so why not bring that smell home with you! Here are a few examples of warmers/candle holders and wax that will spark your memories and let your imagination run wild as if you were right there in the park!

Hocus Pocus Candle Holder
Nightmare before christmas warmer
Scentsy Whinnie the pooh

11. Disney Music Boxes

What is one of the main reasons to love Disney? The music of course! Check out some of these amazing music boxes that will bring a tear to your loved ones!

Beauty and the beast music box
Nightmare music box
Frozen Music Box
Moana Music Box
Encanto Music Box

And there you have it, our Top 11 Disney Halloween Gift Ideas For Your Terrors! We hope it helped unlock a few budget-friendly ideas for your upcoming trip. Just imagine, the more you save this time, the sooner there’ll be a next time! Brings a whole new meaning to the words “See ya real soon,” doesn’t it?

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