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Character Signatures Disney Autograph Books - Made with love and a little bit of magic.

Our Story

The story of Character Signatures starts with a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando. This was our first trip to Disney for all three of our kids, and we had been planning for over a year. We had our flights and resort booked, Disney clothing purchased, parks planned out, and we were down to planning the small stuff. One of those “small” things was purchasing each of our kids autograph books for Disney characters to sign.

But after we started looking, we were really disappointed…

  • Most of the Disney autograph books we found were crazy expensive. We’re talking $10, $20, and lots for $30 or more! We all know Disney vacations aren’t cheap, so this wasn’t something we wanted to be another huge expense.
  • Most of the Disney autograph books we found were UGLY. If we weren’t splurging for the $35 books, the designs were plain, drab, and boring. We wanted something our kids would get excited about!
  • A lot of the options just weren’t great for collecting character signatures. Some were way too big and heavy to carry around, and others had lined pages that meant we couldn’t get nice clean signatures.

After searching and searching, we ended up getting each of our kids a spiral-bound notebook of 3×5” lined notecards. They worked and they were cheap, but I would’ve loved for my kids to have a much nicer souvenir with all of their character signatures. And that’s how Character Signatures was born.

A journey to better character autograph books

I used my graphic design background along with plenty of research on the kinds of autograph books not only my kids would like, but kids and adults all over the world would like, and created Character Signatures, a storefront for Disney autograph books!

Here you’ll find affordable, creatively designed autograph books perfect for collecting character signatures. These autograph books are cheap enough so they don’t break the bank and convenient to carry to all of the Disney parks. And all of our autograph books ship through Amazon Prime, so you can get them within 2 days (free PRIME shipping!) for all of those last-minute orders!

Our family’s first trip to Walt Disney World