The Top Gear and Souvenirs for your Disney trip

Our team researching the best gear and souvenirs to make your trip to Disney World, Disneyland, or a Disney cruise as memorable as possible!

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Top 11 Grab Before You Go Disney Souvenirs

Let’s face it, from souvenirs to sunscreen, a Disney vacation can set you back one pretty pressed penny. And souvenirs at the parks – hether on Main Street USA, Disney Springs, or at any of the Disney gift shops – can add up quickly. But have no fear, your budget-conscious…

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The 14 Best Books About Disney

Words cannot describe the indelible mark Disney has made on the world. From animation to theme parks, merchandise to multimedia, Disney is everywhere. But, perhaps the most effective, Disney has managed to triumph over our hearts. Whether you’re looking for stories and history about Walt Disney himself or searching for…

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How to Get Disney Character Autographs by Mail

Did you know that you can write a letter to your favorite Disney characters? Better yet, you’ll receive an endearing autographed postcard in return! Whether you’re a fan of the royal Disney princesses or the unforgettable “Fab Five,” this signed souvenir is one you will treasure for happily ever after….

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How Much are Disney Autograph Books at the Park?

Looking for a fun and affordable way to make memories that will last a lifetime? Nothing puts that pixie dust sparkle on your trip to Neverland like a Disney autograph book. These transportable souvenirs double as an interactive playdate with your favorite heroes and villains, as you collect Character signatures…

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Character Signatures Sponsoring the Disney Parks Podcast

During the month of February, Character Signatures will be sponsoring the Disney Parks Podcast! One of the top podcasts dedicated to the Disney Parks, here’s how the guys over at Disney Parks describe their podcast: The Disney Parks Podcast strives to bring you exciting Disney news and information from the…

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Are Disney Autograph Books Worth It?

Five Reasons You Should Consider these Disney Souvenirs When preparing for a Disney vacation, there’s always the question of what you should bring or purchase that will enhance your vacation experience. Particularly if there are small children or non-riders in your party, it is important to find activities in the…

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