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Finding the Perfect Disney Autograph Books

When we took our three kids to Walt Disney World for their first time, we thought we had planned everything perfectly. Flights, resorts, park tickets, all the way down to rain ponchos and cooling towels for the weather. Then it came time to grab the kids’ autograph books for their favorite Disney character signatures. What we found was way too expensive, designs that the kids didn’t like, and books that wouldn’t be convenient for carrying around the park.

We decided to design our own books after that trip, and we put together several tips for finding the perfect Disney autograph books for character autographs.

Finding the right price

One of the first things we noticed was that the prices were expensive!

The cheap ones started at $9.99 and we saw many that were in the $30-40 range. If you’ve planned a Disney vacation before, you know that it can add up quickly. We weren’t looking for another big expense. With three kids, we were looking at between $30 and $100 total just for autograph books!

That’s why we decided to price our Disney Autograph Books as affordably as possible at $5.99 each with free shipping.

Going for convenience

Our first attempt at character autograph books was to purchase Disney character books that had beautifully illustrated pages with all of our kids’ favorite characters, including Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, etc. We received these in the mail, and while they were indeed wonderful gifts for our kids, they were way too heavy for us or our kids to carry around at Disney all day.

Look for character signature books that are small enough to conveniently pack in luggage and backpacks, and are easy for children to carry throughout the parks.

Think about durability

When you travel to any of the wonderful Disney parks with kids, you have to think about weather, spills, accidents and more. During our first trip to Disney, we brought notecard books for character signatures, but when we had these on the table for Character Dinners, we had enough spills to have some of the pages become wet and damaged.

When you’re looking around for Disney character books, look for books that have some protection like a glossy cover that will resist spills and stains and can be easily wiped clean.

Designs that your kids will love

As I mentioned, when we took our first trip to Disney World, we bought a book of notecards for each of our kids. They did the job, but they certainly didn’t inspire a lot of excitement from our kids.

disney autograph book
Designs that will get your children excited about collecting Disney character signatures!

Why not get your kids excited about grabbing autographs from their Disney favorites by having them choose their favorite design? Or you can surprise them with an autograph book that’s perfect for their personality, whether they’re a princess, an art fan, a Disney cruiser, or they have a color that they love!