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How Much are Disney Autograph Books at the Park?

Disney Park

Looking for a fun and affordable way to make memories that will last a lifetime? Nothing puts that pixie dust sparkle on your trip to Neverland like a Disney autograph book. These transportable souvenirs double as an interactive playdate with your favorite heroes and villains, as you collect Character signatures from around the parks – the perfect pastime for kids ages 1 – 99!

Disney autograph books range from $9.95 to $19.99 in the parks and resorts, depending on style and size. There are several options from which to choose, each specific to fit your own personal style. So, whether you are a princess-in-waiting or a fan of the fab five, there are plenty of options to find the autograph book that fits you like a glass slipper.

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Character Signatures Sponsoring the Disney Parks Podcast

During the month of February, Character Signatures will be sponsoring the Disney Parks Podcast! One of the top podcasts dedicated to the Disney Parks, here’s how the guys over at Disney Parks describe their podcast:

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Are Disney Autograph Books Worth It?

Five Reasons You Should Consider these Disney Souvenirs

When preparing for a Disney vacation, there’s always the question of what you should bring or purchase that will enhance your vacation experience. Particularly if there are small children or non-riders in your party, it is important to find activities in the park that will allow them to enjoy their time and have a magical experience.

Disney Autograph Book Souvenirs

One of the best park activities is the opportunity to meet Disney characters. These interactions are often one of the most memorable parts of a trip and memories that last a lifetime. Beyond just meeting the characters themselves, one of the best ways to remember the character experience is through collecting signatures an autograph book.

Here are the top five reasons why purchasing an autograph book is totally worth it.

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Top 10 Character Autograph Tips for a Trip to Disney

Disney Character Autograph Tips

A visit to Walt Disney World or Disneyland is a dream come true for many. Whether it’s your first trip or your 50th, your vacation can create a treasure trove of joyful memories. With a bit of clever planning, you can help create excitement prior to your trip, enhance the enjoyment of your vacation, and preserve those memories with a lasting keepsake.

A fun way to make the most of your time at Disney parks is to collect autographs from the wonderful array of Disney characters you’ll encounter. Here are ten quick tips to help you make the most of your experience.

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How to Choose Disney Autograph Books

The Options

The DIY Option

The Cheap Option

Character Signatures Books

Disney Official Autograph Books

Encyclopedia of Characters



Free to $10 (and up)

Around $3/book





Fun way to personalize


Affordable, creative, easy to travel with

Official Disney characters

Beautiful artwork, pages for each character


Takes time to make; materials cost money

Not creative; not very durable

May not be the top choice for DIYers


Expensive; hard to pack and carry

When it comes to preparing for your upcoming Disney vacation, there are plenty of big decisions to make; where to stay, which Disney parks to go to, flights, packing, and so on. When it comes to some of the smaller details, they can sometimes be overlooked. One of those details is preparing to collect character autographs from your kids’ favorite Disney characters. To do so, it’s a good idea to come prepared with Disney autograph books for the kids or even the whole family.

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