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Finding the Perfect Disney Autograph Books

When we started our adventure for finding the perfect Disney autograph signatures, as huge Disney fans we took our family to Walt Disney World for their first time, we thought we had planned everything perfectly. Flights, resorts, park tickets, all the way down to rain ponchos and cooling towels for the weather. Then it came time to grab the kids’ autograph books for their favorite Disney character signatures. What we found on the way were way too expensive, designs that the kids didn’t like, and books that wouldn’t be convenient for carrying around the park.

We decided to find our own books after that trip, and we put together several tips and places for finding the perfect Disney autograph books for character autographs.

Finding the right price

One of the first things we noticed was that the prices were expensive!

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Top 11 Grab Before You Go Disney Souvenirs

Disney Souvenirs

Let’s face it, from souvenirs to sunscreen, a Disney vacation can set you back one pretty pressed penny. And souvenirs at the parks – hether on Main Street USA, Disney Springs, or at any of the Disney gift shops – can add up quickly. But have no fear, your budget-conscious fairy Godmother is here!

We took a few notes from our friend, Scrooge McDuck, and put together the top Grab-Before-You-Go Disney Souvenirs that you should consider purchasing prior to visiting any Disney themed park or cruise! Whether you are looking to cut costs or save so that you can snag an extra Mickey Bar or two while living it up in Neverland, a few helpful mouse hacks can go a long way!

1. Autograph Books

Nothing puts that pixie dust sparkle on your trip to like a Disney autograph book. These transportable souvenirs double as an interactive playdate with your favorite Disney characters, as you collect signatures from around the parks! Unfortunately, we ran the numbers and some of these autograph books can run you as much as $20 or more at the parks. Personally, we’d rather see you save the scratch by buying ahead of time and grabbing another churro! There are several high-quality options out there that we know you’ll just adore. 

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Are Disney Autograph Books Worth It?

Five Reasons You Should Consider these Disney Souvenirs

When preparing for a Disney vacation, there’s always the question of what you should bring or purchase that will enhance your vacation experience. Particularly if there are small children or non-riders in your party, it is important to find activities in the park that will allow them to enjoy their time and have a magical experience.

One of the best park activities is the opportunity to meet Disney characters. These interactions are often one of the most memorable parts of a trip and memories that last a lifetime. Beyond just meeting the characters themselves, one of the best ways to remember the character experience is through collecting signatures an autograph book.

Here are the top five reasons why purchasing an autograph book is totally worth it.

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