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Best Pens for Disney Character Meet and Greets

No matter which Disney park you plan on heading to, you can bet the first things you’d like to do as a family is to find your first Disney character meet and greet to begin collecting autographs from your favourite Disney characters! It can be one of the most fun parts any trip to any of Disney’s parks. While planning your trip, in addition to ensuring that everyone collecting signatures has an autograph book, you’ll want to make sure to bring the right pens or markers for each character to sign your autograph books with!

It might sound daft but something as simple and easy as a pen can easily spoil your limited time with Disney characters so before you go make sure you pickup one of the purchases mentioned below, you’ll want to make sure you have the right pen or marker for not only yourself and your peace of mind but also for your favourite lovable characters’ big, and very often fluffy hands, be careful with Donald he might snap! Or should I say… Quack at you and you don’t want to upset him. This means if you’re thinking of grabbing that small ballpoint pen you use every day from your desk drawer then probably isn’t the best decision and you should read on! Here are some of the best picks we’ve selected for you:

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