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Best Pens for Disney Character Meet and Greets

No matter which Disney park you plan on heading to, you can bet the first things you’d like to do as a family is to find your first Disney character meet and greet to begin collecting autographs from your favourite Disney characters! It can be one of the most fun parts any trip to any of Disney’s parks. While planning your trip, in addition to ensuring that everyone collecting signatures has an autograph book, you’ll want to make sure to bring the right pens or markers for each character to sign your autograph books with!

It might sound daft but something as simple and easy as a pen can easily spoil your limited time with Disney characters so before you go make sure you pickup one of the purchases mentioned below, you’ll want to make sure you have the right pen or marker for not only yourself and your peace of mind but also for your favourite lovable characters’ big, and very often fluffy hands, be careful with Donald he might snap! Or should I say… Quack at you and you don’t want to upset him. This means if you’re thinking of grabbing that small ballpoint pen you use every day from your desk drawer then probably isn’t the best decision and you should read on! Here are some of the best picks we’ve selected for you:

Sharpies are generally king – Honorable Mention:
Sharpie Retractable Permanent Markers – Black (x3)

I mentioned this in the previous post but the retractable Sharpie are generally the king of all Sharpies, this is because retractable sharpies are not only big enough for Disney characters to grab onto, they also feature retractable tips, this makes it easy for characters to use, and you and themselves are less likely to worry about losing your pen’s cap. Many of the Amazon reviews will come from Disney travelers using these markers for autograph signatures this is why I’m giving it another honourable mention here to remind you Sharpie is KING!

Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers – Black (x2)

For days when not only the weather can be drenching but when the sun is beating down on you these are the sharpies that many recommend for the extreme Florida weather swings. They are fade resistant, come with a sealing lid, black for a bold color, quick-drying ink and an extreme resistance that your signatures can withstand. And they’re big enough for Disney characters to hold while signing your autograph book. This pack comes with 2 markers, great for a couple of kids a spare to have extras in case you lose one.

Sharpie King Size Permanent Markers – Chisel Tip – Black (x12)

These almost came in the number one spot for ease of use to allow Disney characters to your sign your Disney autograph book, these markers are a great choice. They come in a 12-pack, all Black but they are the ideal size for brush strokes that Disney characters love to use is to get a seperate autograph book for characters to use their own artistic style that isn’t a regular signature! (If you ask nicely I’m sure Goofy will do ;))

Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors – (x6 Colors)

This is a great mix between adding a little color and going for the full twelve-pack, this set comes in Metallic Ruby, Metallic Sapphire, Metallic Emerald, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold and Metallic Bronze. While collecting character signatures you can make it an extra mission to get not only a signature from every character but one in every color as well!

Please do be aware with any permanent marker like a Sharpie there can be a few drawbacks. Because of the nature of Sharpies permanent marker style, they can potentially bleed through pages of autograph books so make sure you check the autograph book you have purchased so that this doesn’t happen. Also, because they’re permanent, families should use these with caution as kids LOVE to draw on anything and EVERYTHING! Try to avoid getting them onto any clothes as they will be hard-to-remove stains on these and other accessories.

Thick Sharpie Pens and Autograph Books…

Despite how useful they are, sometimes Thick Sharpie Pens aren’t always the best, since Sharpies have a potential of bleeding through autograph book pages always check before hand if your autograph book’s pages are thick enough. If youre autograph book is on the thinner side then don’t despair as an alternative would be to instead use thick retractable pens. You may not get the thicker, defined outline of the classic Sharpie look but there will be little to no risk of a ballpoint pen bleeding through pages or leaving permanent hard-to-remove marks on clothing.

If you head on over to Disney Parks Mom’s Panel, they do in fact, recommend using an array of thick barrel retractable pens.

Sharpie Electro Pop Permanent Markers, (x24 Colors!)

If you’re in the mood to add a tonne of color, this absolutely is the pens pack for you. These pens come in every color of the rainbow that an autograph-seeker could want, the colors are:Ultra Violet, Optic Orange, Nano Blue, Techno Blue, Electric Pink and not only that but you also get the classic 19 Sharpie permanent marker colors.

These pens are great for matching the exact color to your favourite characters or you could even ask the character which is their favourite color and get them to sign it in that color! Bleed through paper shouldn’t be an issue unless coloring in large, solid sections (which isn’t typical with character signatures).

Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers, Chisel Tip – (x6 Colors)

Similar to the previous chisel tips these feature a large shape that makes it easy to hold and the chisel tips will allow for perfect brush stroke like signatures, they come in a 6 color pack that are: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Ruby Red, Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue.

Sharpie Color Burst Permanent Markers, Ultra Fine Point – (x24 Colors)

Similar instyle to that of the previously mentioned Sharpie Electro Pop Permanent Markers, these are the color burst edition! Along with the 19 classic Sharpie colors you will get the color burst flavours which are: Power Pink, Racey Red, Supersonic Yellow, Jetset Jade, & Brilliant Blue. As these are ultra fine point tips you will have zero worries of any bleed-through effect.

Character Pens or Markers

If you or your kids are absolutely set on carrying Mickey or their favourite character around with them for autographs (or yourself as those with kids will know!), you can find pens with just about every Disney character available on Amazon, other online retailers, brick and mortar physical stores, or Disney gift shop.

These Disney Mickey and Minnie School Supplies set are not just for school, they feature Mickey & Minnie Mouse and other popular characters, including Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto and one for all the family.

You can also go find Princess pens such as Bell, Cinderella or Ariel in this 3-piece Disney Princess Metal Clip set.

Where to buy pens or markers for Disney autograph books

Before you set off on your trip by far one of the easiest places and quickest place to purchase pens or markers is through Amazon because they have a huge selection and you very often have the pens or markers delivered to your house the next day with Amazon Prime!

If you aren’t however an avid online shopper fear not! There are plenty of other locally sourced places where you can get great deals on Disney pens or markers for your upcoming trip:

  • Disney – Of course the number one spot goes to Disney themselves, they have gift shops not only in and around the parks but the hotels too. You are likely going to pay alittle more in these places but you know that they’ll definitely be 100% authentic Disney pens or markers.
  • Dollar stores – It pays dividends to ALWAYS check out your nearest dollar store, where you may be able to find a variation of some of the pens or markers above for cheap especially older models of pens which are likely to still work fine.
  • Walmart – It’s fair to say no matter where you are in the country, you likely have a Walmart near you, and they often have a large stock of office and craft supplies at low prices, if you don’t know where there is one, simple hop onto Google maps to find your local.
  • Craft stores – Try out your local craft store, as they’ll likely have plenty of options to meet your needs perhaps not Disney brands (but you never know till you look), they may even have some helpful recommendations if you tell them exactly what you’re looking for as I’m sure you won’t have been the first
  • Target – Just like Walmart these are all over the country these often not only have a large stock of office supplies and pens but often loads of Disney gear too.

Don’t forget… Your Disney Autograph Signature Book!

If you leave with a tonne of pen sets of all colors what ever happens don’t leave without the autograph book!

No matter which pens or markers you choose, make sure you’re prepared and get them ahead of time along with your Disney character autograph books of choice.